I Stopped Paying for Netflix. Here’s What I Use Instead.

Stop paying for Netflix makes me more mindful of what I consume.


I discovered Hoopla on the library system’s website. It contains a lot of older movies and tv shows (still gold). You can check out 15 titles every month, completely for free (well, you did pay tax for your library).


This is another library system discovery. Kanopy doesn’t have as many mystery tv shows as Hoopla, but it has more movies. It even has a rich The Great Courses selection! You only have 5 credits per month, but the Great Courses don’t count towards those credits.


You probably saw this one coming up. There are plenty of high-quality channels on YouTube. Unlike Hoopla and Kanopy, I usually use YouTube when I want to learn about a topic or learn a foreign language.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion is another place I’d go if I’m in the mood for foreign tv shows. Much like YouTube, I usually search for what I want to watch instead of browsing the existing videos.

Amazon Prime Video(if you have Amazon Prime)

Why not, right? If you are already paying for Amazon Prime for two-day shipping, you might as well use Amazon Prime Video. It has a lot of tv shows that were popular in its days and some shows produced by Amazon.



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Emily Holmes

Emily Holmes

Life is worth living because it’s short.